Friday, 28 June 2013

Supermoons, Supermums

This week we have been treated to a supermoon.
Supermoon  photo from Waikato Times

I read that the moon looks 14% bigger and 30% brighter than when it is furtherest away from us.  I am amazed that scientists can be so accurate - sounds like a TV ad to me - ‘Now with 14% more moon than before! 30% extra brightness, free! Don’t delay! See your supermoon today! Offer expires Wednesday!’

And between the clouds, it was stunning. Europeans talk of a ‘man in the moon’, but the Japanese say there is an ‘usagi’ – a rabbit, and now I can never see anything other than a long-eared, hopping rabbit.  

I am intrigued at how brightly the moon shines, yet I know it is not actually the moon itself – so deceptive, and further proof for me that things are not always as they seem. We can be convinced of one truth, while actually another is more accurate.  Yes the moon shines, but it is actually just a lump of rock. Both perspectives are true, so who is to judge which is more valid? I am no longer sure what is true in this world!

As an aside, I got talking this week with a foster mother who has taken on the challenge of taking on a child from a very rough background. My admiration for her is immense. It is no exaggeration to say that she is saving this kid’s life, and no doubt the lives of who he would have damaged on his inevitable route to prison.  Once again it affirmed for me that the job we do as parents, bringing up mostly normal, mostly civilised human beings, with just the standard amount of baggage, is no short order. Having your kids survive to be robust, contributing adults is indeed a huge feat. We are all supermums and superdads, whether your kids are baby Einsteins, Beethovens or normal garden-variety slightly-interesting, mostly-benevolent human beings. Well done you! Supermoons, supermums and dads- shine on!

I am the moon
I am the moon

Waxing and waning
In monthly cycles
Today, shining full, and round, and bright
Yet I shine not my own light

Merely reflecting you

The sun

So strong and bright,

That even in the dark

You light up the sky

Through me.

But who would say


You are not enough of a moon!

You should shine yourself!

You should be like the sun!

You should be more than just a Moon!’?

I am the moon.
Today I am a thin sliver

a fingernail in the sky

Until I disappear, unseen.

Silently there

Until you shine your light on me again


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